Why Are Soffits Important?

First of all, what are soffits? The soffit is the underside of the eaves which connects your homes wall to the roofline. Now that we know what they are why are they important? The soffits play a very important part in allowing your house, especially the roof, to breathe. Older homes will typically have wood soffits with a few vents spread around your home. The newer style is to use aluminum soffits with built in venting. This allows for much more air flow in to the attic as well as becomes maintenance free, no painting required. So the soffits provide vital ventilation to your attic as well as providing protection to your homes walls from weather.

Why does your roof need to breathe you might ask? First of all it will help with energy costs. Your roof is going to be hot in the summer which will mean increased A/C costs. Vented soffits allow fresh air in and push the hot air up and out of roof vents. They also help keep your attic cool in the winter by allowing cold air in. Why would you want this, wouldn’t you want heat in the winter? No, if heat escapes from inside your home in to the attic it will cause the snow on your roof to melt and then create ice damming, which can create thousands of dollars of damage.

Vented Soffit Diagram

Keeping your attic the right temperature throughout the year will allow your roofing materials to last longer. Too hot in the summer will dry out the shingles, and too warm in the winter will create moisture and rotting of the shingles and roof boards. Many shingle manufacturers require proper ventilation of the roof in order for you to receive their full warranty. It is also best for you to create the best atmosphere if you are storing any belongings in the attic. Some people have easy access to their attic and use that space for storage. Proper ventilation will help to prevent mould in the attic.

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