The Importance of Eavestroughs

Newly Installed Eavestrough

The purpose of eavestroughs is to correctly and efficiently control the flow of water from the roof to the ground. The importance of properly installed and maintained eavestroughs is crucial to keeping your home in top condition. This blog will discuss the top 3 reasons why everyone should have eavestroughs.

First and probably the most obvious is to direct the water away from the foundation of your home. When water sits around your foundation it causes many various issues. The obvious one is leakage. If there is any possible way in water will find it. This becomes a bigger issue in the winter when freezing occurs which can cause a crack in your foundation wall. Repairing foundation walls can become a very costly fix, plus any damage that may be done to the interior of your basement. Water around the foundation will also give your basement a damp feeling and makes the risk of�mold extremely high. Properly installed eavestroughs and downspouts will collect all the�roof water then deliver it to the ground, and direct the water flow away from your home. Downspout locations are just as important in this situation, because a bad location or installation can still allow water to sit around your foundation wall. Downspouts should be put in a location where the ground slopes away from the building. If the ground is sloping towards the building it is not going to take the water away and a new downspout location is required. Depending on the grounds slope and layout a proper kick-out length is determined for the downspout. This is the piece at the bottom of the downspout after the final elbow running straight out from the home. �There are different sizes of downspouts available depending on how much water the spouts will need to drain. These locations and sizes can all be easily determined by a professional.

Another important reason for eavestroughs is to stop erosion of the soil around your home or the wash out of landscaping. There is a lot of water that falls off your roof each rainfall and without an eavestrough system it will cascade on to the ground like a mini waterfall. This overtime can create a large hole around your entire home and wash out any gardens or softer materials that may be around your home. Unless you are built right on rock you will see this erosion happening.

One other important reason to install eavestrough is to protect your home from splashback. If water does fall off your roof like explained in the paragraph above it will then create a splash as it hits the ground. This in turn will spray on to your building. This will often result in dirt splashing all over the siding or lower windows of your home. It will also create water staining on any brick or wood siding homes. This problem is easily fixed with proper eavestrough. If any of this water is falling on to a deck or patio it will shorten the lifespan of those materials too. Make sure eavestrough is placed over top of your driveway to keep as much ice as possible off it in the winter.

Another key factor to remember about your eavestrough is the importance of maintenance. Eavestroughs can and in most cases will create work. Although we don’t like to install products that cause more work for us they are neccessary, but there are solutions. Eavestroughs must be cleaned out on a regular basis. If you wait until they are clogged up and full of leaves and other gunk you have waited too long! Installing a gutter guard can be a huge improvement to this problem. There are many options when choosing a gutter guard and making the right decisions is very important. We offer 3 different gutter guards and would love to show you these options and explain them with a free estimate. You can call us anytime to set up a estimate for any of our products and services.

Hopefully this has answered any of your questions, and given you more insight to the importance of eavestroughs. If you have any questions, or would like to arrange a quote from us please contact us at 1-(877) 487-0888

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