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Winter Maintenance for your Eavestrough

Well, it is back again! Winter has officially arrived in Central Ontario. If you didn’t get your eavestrough cleaned out yet, well, you missed your chance. I am going to go over a few things to watch for this winter to make sure your eavestroughs last as long as they should. First of all, you should have them […]

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How to know when to fix or replace your eavestrough?

  One question we often here is can I just fix my eavestroughs, or do they need to be replaced? Well typically this isn’t as straight forward as you would think. There are many variables that need to be considered. First of all how old are your eavestroughs? If they are more than 20 years […]

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The Proper Downspout Installation

We see it time and time again. Downspouts pouring out on to a lower roof which completely ruins the shingles. By doing this you essentially run a garden hose in one location of your roof every time it rains, accelerating the wear process of your roof. This problem is most commonly seen in newer subdivisions […]

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Make Your Old House Look New

So often people lose their homes curb appeal by not keeping up with painting. Eventually the old wooden soffit and fascia start to look weathered and begin to peal. You have two options. 1. Repaint it again knowing that it will be a continuous chore for years to come. 2. Cover it in aluminum with whatever colour […]

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Why Are Soffits Important?

The soffits play a very important part in allowing your house, especially the roof, to breathe.

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The Importance of Eavestroughs

The purpose of eavestroughs is to correctly and efficiently control the flow of water from the roof to the ground. The importance of properly installed and maintained eavestroughs is crucial to keeping your home in top condition. This blog will discuss the top 3 reasons why everyone should have eavestroughs.

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Why Do We Do Home Shows?

A lot of people ask if it is really profitable to exhibit at home shows. We at Sentry Exteriors definitely say yes. Our company has had great success from home shows and these are the reasons why. First off it is a great place for people to meet the staff of our company. Our friendly, […]

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