How to know when to fix or replace your eavestrough?

Before - Definitely time to replace.

Before – Definitely time to replace.


After - All new with a lifetime warranty.

After – All new with a lifetime warranty.

One question we often here is can I just fix my eavestroughs, or do they need to be replaced? Well typically this isn’t as straight forward as you would think. There are many variables that need to be considered. First of all how old are your eavestroughs? If they are more than 20 years old they are most likely going to need to be replaced. What material are your eavestroughs made of, and are they seamless? If they are vinyl or plastic eavestroughs they will have a much shorter life span meaning you will most likely need to replace. If they aren’t seamless and are made up of many 10 foot sections seamed and sealed together they will most likely be leaking and need to be replaced. If eavestroughs have been on your house for 5+ years and any joints start to leak it is very hard to stop that. You must remove the old caulking (as much as you can), clean the area, and then reseal the area. The problem is it is very hard to get all the old caulking out and to clean the surface to make it like new. Sealing the eavestroughs at the corners and endcaps the first time is very important and something we at Sentry Exteriors take extra time and detail in preparing. Like I said before if it starts to leak it is almost impossible to get it to stop, and so getting it right the first time is vital to an extended life of your eavestroughs. I often have people tell me “the eavestrough isn’t that old but it doesn’t drain properly, can that be fixed?” Well the good news is it can, most of the time. There’s a couple things to consider. If your eavestrough was spiked(long nails) to the fascia, then it makes things very difficult. Removing those spikes without damaging the trough is essentially impossible and often replacement is┬ánecessary. If you are lucky whoever installed your eavestrough used a hidden hanger with a screw which allows us to readjust the slope of the trough without replacing it. If your eavestrough is spiked and you don’t want to replace it but don’t want it to hold water either, we can add a downspout to the lowest part of the trough where the water is pooling. This isn’t always possible because that spot might be right over a walkway or doorway, but if it is in a location where this is an option that is also an easy way of fixing your issue. Another problem we often see with the spiked eavestroughs is that they start pulling away from the building. This happens over time as the weight of water, ice, snow debris, etc. constantly pushes on the trough. Because the spikes don’t have threads they don’t hold as tight. Luckily this problem can easily be fixed. We can add hidden hangers with screws to your existing eavestrough to make them stronger and hold tight to the fascia. This is a much cheaper than replacement and makes your eavestrough like new again. These are some of the most common issues we run in to when customers are trying to decide between fixing or replacing. If you have a different issue with your eavestrough and would like a free professional opinion please contact us for a quote. We provide a free written quote for all our products and services.

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