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When choosing a gutter guard there are several different issues you want to take in to account. First of all you want to determine the condition of your current eavestroughs. If your eavestroughs are currently not in great shape you may want to consider changing them as well as adding the gutter guard. Typically you will get an extra savings by doing both jobs at once. If you have eavestroughs in good condition then all they will need is a good cleaning and you will be ready for a gutter guard.

The second thing you will want to consider is the material the gutter guard is made of. Many gutter guards that you by at a hardware or big box store are made of a vinyl material. Vinyl gutter guards tend to have a very short life span because of the changing temperatures in our area and the they lack strength to withstand the snow loads. There is also foam insert products. These products may not deteriorate or break down as quickly but they simply don’t work as an effective gutter guard. The best products are aluminum and stainless steel products.

The third thing you are going to want to consider is the tree cover around your house or cottage. Depending on where you live some people can be completely covered in trees and their eavestroughs are almost always clogged. You also want to determine whether or not you have leaf or needle trees. If you have a moderate to low amount of leaf trees you can get a way with a flat sitting aluminum guard. These systems are the most cost effective and will work in a situation with a moderate amount of leaves. This system uses small holes to allow the water through but not the larger objects like leaves and then relies on wind to take the leaves away. If you have too many leaves these systems can get clogged up and will result in an extreme amount of spill over. If you have any needle trees around you the holes will quickly get clogged and the guard again becomes ineffective. A lot of people have seen the foam insert guard which is like a giant sponge in your eavestroughs. The�porous sponge allows all small debris and dirt to settle down in to the guard clogging it up and turning the bottom of your eavestroughs to a muddy mess. It also holds the stems of leaves and needles clogging up on the top of the foam as well. This guard was not well thought-out and you will be very unhappy with it. We won’t offer it to our customers even when they specifically ask for it because we have seen the results. If you have many leaves and needle trees the only effective option is Leaf Solution. Leaf Solution uses a stainless steel micro-mesh screening system to filter the water. The screen is so fine it won’t allow shingle grit or pine needles to ever get in your eavestrough. Not only will they not get in, the screen is so fine it doesn’t allow the small debris to get caught in or hold to the screen. Leaf Solution has a patented in-seam design which uses surface tension to force the water in to the eavestrough. This means that it can take the highest volume of water of any gutter guard on the market. The Leaf Solution product is installed by going under the last row of shingles and attaching to the front lip of the eavestrough. This way it takes the slope of the roof so the debris is easily washed away with every rain or wind. The hooded guards are also a popular option but they struggle to take high volumes of water. These are guards like Gutter Guardian, Gutter Helmet, Gutter Topper and K Guard. The helmet systems all allow the small debris like shingle grit and needles in. They hope that this gets washed out but if it ever get blocked up you have a big mess and the guard will need to be removed. Leaf Solution will also take about three times the amount of water as a hooded system.

When purchasing gutter guards make sure you do your research. If price is your only factor a�perforated aluminum guard is the best option, we offer Pro Guard or Alurex. If you want the best guard on the market that never needs service or maintenance and will work in the harshest conditions year after year Leaf Solution is the best option. It is lifetime guaranteed and we give you are 100% clog-free money-back guarantee. The only gutter guard that actually guarantees their product works!

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